Video personal training sessions

Do you want to get fit without leaving home? Are you outside my service area?

This month I'm offering video personal training sessions for just £40 a session. get in touch for a free 15 minute video consultation where we can run through your goals, discus equipment depending on your goals and then get started! 



Online training

Want to get in shape but want to save time and money?

Do you need help recovering from pain or injury?

Do you struggle with fitness motivation?

Do you want to create a routine so after a course of training you have the skills and motivation to continue?

Do you struggle to get your glute muscles to work?

Do you need help fixing your posture?

Get rid of your back pain quicker

Did you know that certain vertebra in the spine naturally allow for more movement than others? Did you know that hinging from the spine as opposed to the hips has been significantly linked to back injuries like herniated lumber discs? Or that correcting movement patterns can aid your recovery from injury?

Did you know that training during injury rehab can often get you a much faster recovery than physiotherapy alone. Not only can I ensure you do the correct exercises effectively, but I can also help show you how to move your body in ways that optimise the way your body’s natural biomechanics work.

-I can adapt training around your injuries

- I can often give you exercises to help a certain condition

- I can help you recover quicker than physiotherapy alone

- I can help correct movements and imbalances that led to the injury in the first place

Build a compact home gym

and know how to use it effectively

Did you know that you can fit almost every exercise done in a gym into a few pieces of stylish equipment and into a space of around 2m square?

I can provide consultation service for you to find the best home gym equipment for your goals, from something that looks sleek in your apartment to equipment that can be hidden away, to something cheap but that does every job.

-within your personal training session and within around 5-10 minutes of looking around your house, I can give you advice on the best training equipment for your needs, goals and space constraints, and also show you how to get the best use out of it.

-I can advise on the most efficient gym equipment to work every body part

-I can show you how to fit full gyms into very small spaces

-I can show you where to get gym equipment which won’t damage your floors

_i can either help you find budget equipment, or I can show you where to get the best quality or a compromise of both

Want your kids to do more exercise?

Did you know that kids can start training at any age if trained correctly? Kids often need to train differently to adults as their growth plates are not fully developed. Children are also full of growth hormone which means they need much fewer sets of exercises and repetitions and more of a full body workout than their grown-up counterparts.

Training kids online is something I started during lockdown as a covid measure but that has been a highly rewarding success. I’ve helped children who previously wouldn’t exercise, loose weight, get fit and go from the kid who won’t do sport to the kid that works everyday themselves. Growing up in professional dance training and going through several injuries due to poor training myself, I get a huge satisfaction from teaching kids what I wish I’d known when I was their age. Training with a trainer shows kids how to work out effectively and move correctly, without injury.

Training for kids can:

-help you get your kids into exercise

-get kids strong and fit for sport and health

- reduce risk of injury both now and in the future

-have a positive effect on mental health and reduce stress and anxiety

Online training means:

-you don’t have to leave the house and drive the kids around I can train them, while your cooking/asleep/at work/at home.

-I can train more than one at a time making it time and cost effective